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Welcome to the cattery of Maine Coon Blue Ridge, registered by the system FIFE. Here you can get acquainted with me and my cats. My name is Ekaterina. I have a small cattery which is situated in the green part of city Krasnodar, on the bank of the river Kuban.
It's not a secret that Maine Coons are very intellectual animals, they are socialized and their character remembered me the character of my son! They may be disobedient and playful, but they are always tender, loving and devoted animals. I have always been fascinated by their size and beauty. That is all impressed me so much. And now, when my friends ask me, why I need all of this, — I replay that my cats bring me only happiness. You can’t say the same thing about people.
I take care of my cattery with big love for animals. The kittens are not often born in my house, but when it happens, I can give all my love, attention and care to each kitten. My cats are members of my family. I do not have cages, and each cat has free access to any room of my house and also they can walk in the garden.
And I want to believe that the future «parents» for my kittens will be responsible, kind and they really love cats.
I hope you will be glad to look through the pages of this site. And it’s always nice to get some feedback in the guestbook! Thank you for your visit.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me by phone or email :)
Contact information:
Valyushkina Ekaterina
telf.: +7 918 997 49 07

Питомник кошек породы мейн кун Blue-Ridge. Копирование материалов и фотографий без разрешения администрации запрещено.
Telephone: +7 (918) 997-49-07.
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